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You Ask, Kyle Answers!

22 May 2013

Before the age of the internet, getting in touch was mucho difficult. There was the whole getting a pen and paper…not to mention stamp and envelope!

But thanks to the great advances of technology, the internet has brought everything you want to ask/know to your fingertips. [...]

On The Rdio: 80’s Playback

21 May 2013

It’s hard to find someone out there that doesn’t have at least one favourite song from the 80s…in this case, Kyle has 10. Listen in!


On The Rdio: Jono’s Sweet Duet

14 May 2013

Sometimes songs are so good you just listen to them on repeat. And that makes for a short, but great playlist, just like Jono’s this week!


Vlog: A Little Studio, A Little Celebration

13 May 2013

Hang out in the studio with Incura and join the guys in celebration of Phil’s birthday – all featured in Vlog 2!


On The Rdio: Jim’s Playlist

07 May 2013

This week’s Rdio playlist is a collection of Jim’s favourites. It’s a one size fits all kinds of mood playlist!


On The Rdio: Royce’s Playlist

23 Apr 2013

Royce is taking charge this week, super charge your afternoon with his jams!


Got A Question For Incura? PushPage It To Them!

22 Apr 2013

Got a burning question for Incura? Get asking!

The guys are all over PushPage and will be answering all your questions, from the odd to the obvious! They’ve got a few already answered, so get inspired and let them know what you want to know! [...]

On The Rdio: Kyle’s Playlist

16 Apr 2013

Turn up the speakers and play it like Kyle is your own personal party DJ! He’s curated his own playlist of jams for you to enjoy.

Check it out on Rdio now! Not on Rdio yet? No problem – sign up for a free trial. [...]

From The Road: Canadian Music Week Vlog

09 Apr 2013

Travel the road with Incura all the way from BC to ON for Canadian Music Week!


Backstage Press At CMW

04 Apr 2013

Kyle and Jim are under the spotlight in this CMW interview with Backstage Press!